I'm never asked to enter my Apple ID password

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  1. hend elghazzawi macrumors newbie

    Jul 7, 2013
    i am having a problem with my apple id i changed the email address of my apple id and since then i am never asked to enter my apple id password even for paid apps and to check i tried to install a movie from the iTunes and i was not asked for my apple id password and i was surprised to find that it is actually downloading without asking for anything and above all i do not have enough money in my credit card. so if someone knows what did i do wrong and how to make the store ask me again i would be really grateful.
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    Apr 29, 2005
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    You can use iTunes menu choice Store -> View Account to see if your Apple ID and password work correctly, or to sign out and sign back in.

    You can also go to the My Apple ID page to see if your Apple ID is recognized. From there you can choose "Email authentication" to check that you get Apple's email at your latest email address.
  3. hend elghazzawi thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 7, 2013
    unfortunately i did everything you said and it did not work i assured that the new email address is recognized everywhere itunes, icloud, manage my id, i even signed out and in again with my new email address in the itunes store on my pc but still i am never asked for my apple id password.
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    Aug 16, 2012

    HI GUYS PLEASE READ THIS PLEASEEE i am from Iran so icant create apple ID because my IP ADRESS is iranian and apple blocks me and in the last step at tells me that an error occurred go to iTunes.com/ww or some thing like that webpage tells me that our country is not supported. ALL I NEED IS A FREE APPLE ID I NEED A REAL FRIEND PLEASE CREATE A FREE APPLE ID AND SEND ME USER NAME AND PASSWORD(via email). Then I can download free apps MY EMAIL IS KIARASHSALEKI12@YMAIL.COM. PLEASE MAKE A FREE APPLE ID I KNOW IT TAKES SOME TIME BUT PLEASE HELP UNDER STAND ME! I bought iPad 2 2years ago and iPhone 5 2days ago and MacBook pro retina 10months ago I cant install apps it is really driving me crazy Just send user and pass SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. I AM NOT NATIVE AT ALL!


    Sorry for posting it again please verify the apple I'd and use it 1time in your iTunes so it doesn't tell me to review and go to iTunes.com/ww I know it is a bigg request but HELP These are the steps I need you to do. 1 create a new email address(not google please just yahoo)
    2go to app store and install a free app(it tells you to create anew account or use existing account choose new account create apple ID and choose none when it tells you to choose your payment method ). 3 verification: Goto the email that you created in step (1) and verify the apple ID. 4.go to iTunes. And download some thing free using new apple ID It tells you to review your account information review and download the free song or anything free. NOW PLEASE SEND ME APPLE ID USER AND PASS TO KIARASHSALEKI12@YMAIL.COM I REALLY NEED IT THANKS FOR SPENDING TIME FOR ME GUYS.

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