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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Ram Purad, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Ram Purad macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2008
    Hello Everyone,

    I just joined this forum. Seems like a great place to be.

    I'm an event videographer who have been a PC user for all my life. After 10000 crashes and hang ups of my video editing software on PC, I've decided to make the switch (yup, they've lost one more). Today I ordered my Mac Pro.

    I would like to learn the Leopard OS X. What is the best training resource you would recommand for that? Or, can I get by Leopard by reading the help topics in the system it self? Remember, I have no prior experience with Mac.

    Also I would like to know if I should be doing anything in specific to transfer my media files (mp3's, wav's, avi's, jpg's, etc.) from PC. Based on apple's help site, it seems like a pretty straight forward process. Just need to connect my mac on the same network as PC and transfer the files to Mac over the network. Seems like I don't need to do some sort of a file formatting in order for those files to work in Mac as long as if I have the right software read those files. Please advise me if I need to be aware of anything else.

    Thanks for your help in advance, I will be bugging you guys for a while until I get pretty familiar with Mac environment.
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    Oct 16, 2007
    i think some of the best stuff to look at to get used to osx is on apple's site. they have a ton of videos on many of the different tips and tricks of leopard that are very easy to watch and understand. after seeing those, leopard is going to seem like a cake walk next to windows :p
  3. richard.mac macrumors 603


    Feb 2, 2007
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    That Mac Pro is one helluva machine and youll love Mac OS X! make sure you work out which apps you will need are compatible with Mac OS X and they are Universal Binary which meands they work natively on Intel Macs. Power PC (PPC) apps are fine but they run a bit slower using Rosetta which translates PPC apps to work on Intel. most apps are Universal now like Office for Mac, Adobe's creative suite, Apples apps and most of the freeware apps. you can also check out this great list of recommended Mac apps which are mostly Universal.

    as basesloaded190 suggested there are a lot of videos on Apple's site that will help you out. in fact theres new introductory videos here to help new users and switchers just like yourself to get on your way. you can also check out Apple's support pages here which has a lot of articles on how to setup wireless, printers and troubleshoot.

    to move you files to a Mac you can use storage like burning DVDs or use external drives but his can lead to problems as Mac OS X uses a different format for drives. you can also use the network as you suggested. theres a good article here that help you on this.

    theres also the Mac guides at the top of the Mac OS X thread and you can always ask queries and post problems on the MacRumors forum and the users will help you out.

    good luck!
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    Hi Ram Purad, and welcome.

    Do you know the Event DV site? I subscribe to their printed magazine (free subscriptions in the U.S.). They cover both platforms, rather than take sides, and they include lots of hardware and software reviews and tutorials.
  5. HLdan macrumors 603


    Aug 22, 2007
    Congrats to the OP on the purchase of your new Mac Pro and welcome to the Macrumors forums. There are several books like OS X for Dummies and so forth. You will get a lot of help here on the forums without spending any money on books and you will love OS X as many of us do.
    The easiest and fastest way to get used to Mac OS X is to understand that it's not Windows and while many of the functions resemble one another the Mac OS and Windows are two different worlds.

    Let us know any questions you have and once again welcome. :D
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    Dec 17, 2007

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