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Nov 15, 2012
so we know the 6 introduced round edges. just to follow apple's format, i believe that the iphone 7 will continue with the round edge but more than likely be an evolution of the 6 series. i would say the ipad mini form factor is the perfect candidate for the iphone 7. round and wait for it, the chaumferred edge is going to make a comeback! yayyy.

now even further, i predict that iphone 8 will be another major overhaul, think iphone 4 and iphone 6 releases. i would say the brick form factor will make a comeback and sapphire glass. Now this would be another game changer.

original= round, metal
3G/S= round redesign, plastic
4/S= brick redesign, glass
5/S= brick redesign, aluminum, evolution of the 4 series
6/S= round redesign, aluminum
7/S= round redesign, aluminum, evolution of the 6 series
8/S= brick redesign, sapphire glass all around
9/S= brick redesign, sapphire glass, evolution of the 8 series


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May 7, 2014
I'm predicting iPhone 7 will be the new iPhone 6. :p

It will be another epic release/rollout/upgrade/killer iPhone.
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