I'm stuck at the 50% loading bar after login on my MBA

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by wannabelean, Dec 1, 2014.

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    I was just browsing normally and then decided to restart since its been a long time and since then I'm unable to login to my MBA. After entering the password the loading bar goes upto 50% and is stuck infinitely. I have the latest build of yosemite with all the updates installed. I have the base model of MBA 2012 13".

    Luckily I have my time machine backups and I decided to restore them but I'm unable to restore them. After selecting the destination disk and entering the password of the destination disk nothing happens and it goes back to the select destination disk screen again and I cant proceed. If I click next, the login screen appears for a millsec and dissapears(This is in the second attempt). What gives? Does anybody know what I can do in this scenario. Have a lot of family pics on the laptop that I cant lose. They are also there in my time machine backups but since I'm unable to get time machine to restore I dont know what to do.
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    Hold command-option-r (all three at once) while booting. Select your wifi network then you will see a spinning globe while recovery downloads and launches. Once the recovery screen comes up start Disk Utility and see if if shows your disk then try a verify disk. Does that show any errors.

    This almost sounds like your drive has failed.

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