I'm trying to publish my iweb created website using Fetch!! Please help!!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by pennyfiasco, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Jan 5, 2009
    Ok, I am new to a mac and trying very hard to learn. I created my website on iweb and bought the domain name on godaddy.com and signed up for their hosting service. A guy from godaddy suggested using FETCH to FTP my finished site to the web.

    So I went to "Publish Site" on my mac and saved it on my desktop as a folder called "My website 12/23" instead of publishing it to Mobile Me...and then followed the instructions in the help manual using FETCH. I opened up fetcg and typed in all of the hostname info that FETCH asked for when I opened that up and then clicke don "connect" and then dragged the folder from my desktop "My website 12/23" into the browser for Fetch...the little dog icon ran for a while and then it said it was finished...but when I go to the web address it's not there. I keep trying and back tracking and can't figure out what to do!!!!

    Can someone PLEASE help me??? I'm sure it's something really simple, but I'm totally clueless with my Mac.

    thanks in advance to whoever is awesome and helps me!

    you rock!
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    First off, how long has it been since you signed up for the hosting? The reason I ask that first is that it can take a day or two to have your new domain name propogate to all the nameservers all over the world so want to make sure that is not part of the problem! ;)

    Secondly, are you sure you entered the "initial path" (or "initial folder" as Fetch refers to it I see) information correctly in Fetch-- that is, what is the path to the correct directory to put your files in according to GoDaddy? That is a very common source of problems with sites appearing correctly when files are transferred to a directory on the host site that is incorrect to show on the web. Some host companies tell you to put your files in /username/docs, some in /hostname/username/domainprefix/docs, other in domainprefix/public.html/ etc etc etc. That part can drive you nuts when first determining it!:( The hosting company should be able to set you right pretty easily though.

    One other thing I can suggest at this point (and we WILL get you through this and you will be publishing like a pro soon enough) is that you really might want to try a demo of either Transmit 3.6 that has a 15 day free trial (and is my favorite FTP program) or the very similar Yummy FTP which has a 30 day trial. You might find that the dual pane windows of both of them are easier to use than Fetch, although that is not to say there is anything wrong with Fetch- a lot of people just seem to find the user interface of Transmit and Yummy FTP easier to use.

    So, to summarize first be sure to check the initial path/initial folder to make sure it is correct and it would be helpful to know exactly what happens when you go to your address and you said it is "not there"-- is it putting up an error 404 page or what? Let's start there! ;)
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    I also had trouble setting my website up.
    I used fetch with no luck.
    I found a very simple and free ftp app. Called cyberduck worked great and very simple to use.

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