iMac 08 : Screen replaced, now suffers from 'Image burn' and hatched lines

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mbooth, Dec 13, 2010.

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Manchester, UK

    I have an iMac 08. 24". Purchased Octoberish 08. I also purchased Applecare (I'm in the UK btw).

    For a while I was seeing dark spots on the screen, which looked like smudges.
    and with the image edited to bring out the contrast to show the marks

    I made a Genius appointment at my local Apple Store (Trafford Centre, Manchester). Took it along and he confirmed the problem and ordered a new screen and a new glass panel.
    A few days later when the part came in, I took it in and had it back the same day. Looked fine.

    However, a couple of weeks later I noticed it was now suffering what we used to call "Image Burn"...Well, "Image Persistence".
    When looking at a full screen preview in Bridge (with grey background), I noticed the outline of the dock and various icons.
    I also noticed the outline and 'imprint' of the Firefox toolbar.
    I also noticed areas of 'hatched' lines (up and down, left to right).
    It's quite hard to take a photo of these as the moire effect of the screen interferes with the photo.

    I tried Apple's suggestion to rectify image persistence by turning the power saving off, and displaying a white screensaver for the same length of time. I left it for two nights running, and while it did help remove the 'burn in', as soon as I used the machine for more than a few minutes, it came back again.

    So I made yet another Genius appointment, took it in, and explained that the problem only appeared since they replaced the screen.
    I included photos.

    He agreed, and as it only appeared since the repair, he would get a new screen put in. Also, as he didn't want to inconvenience me more incase I had to bring it in again, he would order a replacement graphics card.

    After waiting for over a week for a phonecall to say the parts were in, I rang them and was told to take it in before 10am the next day and they would do it.
    Four days later, after much badgering, I got it back today.
    The receipt says they only replaced the screen, not the graphics card (which is actually part of the logic board I understand).

    And guess what. There is image persistence problems again.
    However, theyre not in the same place. The dock can be seen a little, but it's mostly on an area on the bottom left quarter of the screen this time. An image that I haven't actually seen display (like a toolbar, that has been dragged there).
    Also, the same type of hatched markings (mostly vertical), which even my wife has pointed out.

    When it's on a completely white or black display, they can't be seen, it's when they're displaying any shade inbetween, and it all can be quite noticable.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts? My problem is that Im wary of taking it back in, yet again. However, I think it's unacceptable. I understand the position of never getting a 'perfect' screen, but to have this sort of problem on a £1300 machine is just not acceptable in my opinion. My 300 quid laptop displays none of this.
    Add to that this problem never occured before they 'repaired' my imac.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Manchester, UK

    Here's a photo I've just managed to take. I heavily applied some contrast adjustments to show what I'm seeing.


    The blue bar is from Firefox's search bar (which has a red background), and has been on my screen for a while.
    Looking at my screen I can read the Next / Previous from the search bar, but I couldn't bring that out on the photo.

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