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Mar 29, 2018
If I am not asking this in the correct forum please let me know!

Trying to load my 2011 MSOffice. But all my disks are upgrades that were on top of MS '97. I have the original 1997 version plus the 2004 + 2011 upgrade disks.

Is there a way to get the full OS 2011 version then enter my reg number(s) without having to load from so far back??

Already tried loading '04 + '11 but concerned I either won't be able to load the '97 or end up with many little stray pieces of software all over the place.

Any advice is appreciated!

(Don't want to use it at all, but have to finish a PP presentation for someone on a PC.)


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Jul 6, 2017
Have you considered using Keynote? If your recipient needs the file saved as a power point, just go to File -> Export -> Powerpoint after you have created the presentation in Keynote.
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