iMac 17", iMac 20", or Macbook

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ddrueckhammer, Apr 28, 2006.

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    I just sold my 12" 1.33Ghz 1.25 GB 80GB Powerbook for $1100 plus shipping on Ebay and am Macless now! I would appreciate any advice on what I should purchase to replace it. I have really been thinking about an iMac because the screen on the Powerbook always seemed a little small for my tastes and I really didn't take the Powerbook with me very often. The options I am considering are:

    20" iMac- If I get one of these it would have to be off of Ebay. My current budget is only $1200 or so as I am a student and money is tight right now.

    17" iMac- I can get one of the refurbs for $1099 or one from the education store for $1199. I'm not sure if they give the original packaging for refurbs or if they just come in a brown box. If they don't include the extra packaging I'm thinking the edu is better because it will help the resale value to have the original box.

    On either of these iMacs I'm wondering if it would be best to wait until next month and see if they release the Meriom processor in them. I would think Dual Core processing would help overall performance but I don't want to wait until August to get it really. Also, I am wondering if the Cram & Jam promo will extend to the iMacs, as well as, Macbooks this year. If it does then that would be nice as my 4G iPod recently died.

    Macbook- I think I really don't want a Macbook as I just sold a Powerbook that works great but it might be worth it if I can get a free iPod with it...

    I think I sold at the perfect time because the 12" Powerbooks will surely take a hit when the new 12" portables come out but I hate to not have a computer...

    BTW, I use my computer for Internet, Word Processing, Light Photoshop, and World of Warcraft. I am an engineering student so I might need to do some light CAD work in Vectorworks or Archicad or shudder boot to Windows for AutoCAD and possilby use Math packages such as: Mathmatica, Maple, or Matlab. I don't own a video camera so I don't see any video editing in the near future.

    Let me know if you have any insights...

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    Apr 2, 2006
    In my opinion, the MBP is the best. You can connect an external display to it, and use it as a desktop, or as a portable. But of course, you have a budget, and the base model starts at $2000...

    Why don't you consider a mac mini? You can get the core duo for $799 (even less with your students discount) and an lcd display, keyboard and mouse for less than $1200.

    The new iMac is a BRILLIANT machine! My friend has the 20" model, and it is soooooo fast. But I would suggest you get the 17" model, becuase you can get a brand new one with your discount for $1199. If you can do this, I don't suggest buying from eBay (I know too many people who've been conned), and I say it's better buying a brand new one, so you know it hasn't been maltreated, and you get the full warrenty. I wouldn't buy a refurb either for this reason.

    Also, you mentioned you might want to wait a while to see if they use the merom processors. DON'T!!! You'll be wasting your time, and you will only get frustrated. I was waiting for the macbook for months, I got so sick of waiting I just bought an iBook. You never know with Apple. They may even scrap the merom idea altogether, or release it next year, next month....

    Just think of this, If the development of technology froze for 5 years, we would be just fine with all our current computers, cellphones etc. It is only becuase new models are released that we want the bigger better and faster models. Or if you were stuck in a time warp for 5 years, and received no news of newly released products, you would be just fine. So I say get your imac/mac mini and don't worry too much about new releases. But of course, thats just my opinion.;)

    Sorry for the long reply!:D
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    Yeah I would like a 15" or 17" Macbook Pro but I'm on a fixed income right now so I have to get something in the same range as what I just sold.

    I think the warranty is the same on refurbs but still I would worry about getting one.

    The only reason I am hesitant to get a Mac Mini is the iMacs are a better deal because of their Video Cards, Hard Drives, Clockspeeds etc. I feel like that LCDs are getting cheap enough that they will be almost disposable in a couple of years. Also, I would have to get a cheap Dell or Viewsonic or something and that kinda ruins the look of the Mac Mini for me. I know I'm too superficial lol.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Apr 2, 2006
    Consider a mac mini

    Dude. A mac mini is the perfect solution for you. You can get a refurb 20" Apple Cinema Display for 600 and a Intel Mac mini for what 599, which is like 1200 altogether. Consider it. I have a PPC Mac Mini and a 20" ACD and could not be happier as a college student. I have room to open Pages and Safari side by side with a full page. It is so helpfull. Then save up some cash and buy a macbook/new ibook for the portability option and college life could not be sweeter.
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    Apr 13, 2006

    I have mulled this over just like you.
    There are a couple of good apple ebayers. if you already buy/sell computers on ebay, i am guessing you know the basic ways to avoid scammers. I would also check out as their price after rebate and no tax is very close to ebay prices and you know they arent a scam.
    I dont like the mac mini idea but then again i dont really like the mini right now as it is 80% computer and 20% video machine and I think it is better as the exact opposite (sounds like this is a year or so off).
    If you are really an upgrage/trader, I would go with the 17" imac right now, stay very in-tune with the upgrade rumors, sell it whether it is 2 months or 12 months from now and get the latest/greatest.
    I am going to go with the 17" imac very soon and then pass this down to my parents when the upgraded 20" imac comes around. I get a great iMac now and then force migrate my parents to a Mac. Win-Win.

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