iMac 2.8 Memory Question (Not a Display Post :-)!!

Discussion in 'iMac' started by colorspace, Oct 22, 2007.

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    I'm a bit baffled, the new iMacs (well at least the 2.8 extreme flavor) list the front-side bus as 800mhz, but yet they seem to come with DDR2-5300 RAM which is 667mhz speed. Am I missing, or have I missed something?

    Does the memory bus run at a slower speed than the system bus? Is there anything to be gained by using DDR2-6400 memory which runs at 800mhz?

    Would love to know.

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    Thank you, CanadaRAM. That guide is very helpful -- but it prompts me to ask one small question:

    If I install 2x2GB (identical parts) in a white C2D iMac, does the "dual channel speedup" apply to any/all of the 3.3 GB visible to the CPU?

    At current street prices, 4 GB costs only $50-ish more than 3GB. So, if there's any performance benefit, 2x2GB might be an attractive choice. (It already has some attraction in terms of "future-proofing" -- no tellin' what new hardware will appear in the coming year.)


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    apples and oranges

    I asked the same question some time ago... they are not related.

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