Imac 2011 replace apple ssd with 3rd party


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May 15, 2008
Weymouth, UK
Ok i know there are tons of ssd threads but none seem to answer my simple question.

Can i simply replace the stock apple ssd (256) in my 2011 imac 27" with a 3rd party one?

I dont want to add an ssd or replace a hard drive (i only have an ssd in my imac, no hdd).

I want to simply swap the apple for a 500gb unit (quicker sata3 like a ocz or corsair).

I just want to know if the connectors are standard and is there any sensor issues when swapping the stock samsung unit for a 3rd party?

I am quite competant to do the swap its just i dont want to mess with glass removal more than once.

(the plan is to up the speed and capacity of my imac and reuse the samsung in mums laptop - everyone wins)

Thanks guys n gals


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Mar 3, 2012
Do you get loud fans when you replace Apple SSD with 3rd party? Crucial M4 for example?

I have a BTO 27-inch iMac 2011 with just the SSD and look forward to replacing it in the future...

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