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Discussion in 'iMac' started by agentrei, Jul 26, 2014.

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    Jul 26, 2014
    Sorry for my bad english. I'm the owner of an iMac mid 2011 base model. I want to add an SSD drive to my computer. The cables are sold for this job but this cables does not exist in my country. Also I do not want to bring it from the outside. So I want to do these things. I want to remove my DVD Rom drive (It's already broken) and replace it with a SSD drive. But I know that the DVD-ROM bay is only supports Sata2 speeds. I thought of a solution for this as follows.

    I will completely remove the DVD drive and put SSD in there. I'm planning to use optical drive's own Power cable for giving power to the ssd disk. (I mean i want to use DVD Rom's own SATA power cord and bay for place the SSD disk). But the difference is i will use a Standard SATA cable and extend it behind the logic board and connect it to unused SATA 3 port available in the backside of the Logicboard. Is this plan possible? and this process can cause the fan speed problem?
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    This process will not cause a fan problem because the DVD drive doesn't have a temperature sensor.
    If you buy the correct cable, unmount the entire logic board and do not break anything on the way than yes, this is doable. Make sure to take notes of every screw you unmount cause it will be a lot easier to put back together. Good luck!
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    Actually, the Optical Disk Drive in the 2011 iMac does have a temperature sensor. However, it's stuck to the ODD with tape, so you could just stick it to the SSD after installation.

    Since you're going to use the second SATA connector on the Logic board, why not get a full cable and use the power from that connector also. That's how I did it on my 2011 iMac. Your method of obtaining power from the ODD location would work, also.

    On mine, I placed the SSD under the ODD. There's plenty of room for it there, at least there is in the 27" model. You didn't list which size iMac you have.

    OWC has a good, easy to follow, video on installing a SSD into the 2011 iMac. Just choose which size iMac you have from the selection. Be gentle, take your time, and you'll do just fine.
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    Jul 26, 2014
    I have just got a cable from the site named Aliexpress and install samsung 840 pro ssd as a third drive under my optical disc. I have no any issues and now I'm pretty happy with performance.
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    If you add 2 units of SSD into your iMac and make it RAID0 setup, you'll feel the the beast. :)

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