iMac 2011 - upgrade graphics card & maybe processor??

Discussion in 'iMac' started by sjpeatey, Nov 6, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    So I have this iMac (see details in pic), and i love my "big mac" however in recent years my big baby has been upstaged by my MBP.... Now as i prefer the big 27" screen of the big mac and i would rather be using it over the MBP and its poxy little HDD (its full atm and being a pain - badly needs a clean out..) i have been doing some googling into the possibility of upgrading a few components. (the reality is in a few weeks i won't need a portable laptop for work or play as we are moving and i won't be traveling like we currently do)
    Now clearly if i had the some $4500 to completely replace her with the top of the line most recent iMac i would - but alas if i ever come across that much $$ it will be spent on building bedrooms for my kids in our crapshack!

    Quick overview of what i use my macs for - graphic design, think adobe creative suite, and general MS office (or actually numbers and pages since MS Office 2016 keeps crashing on me...), and basic internet ect... -the big issues are with running the adobe CC programs - and the RAM not coping.

    So the biggest issue and easy to fix asap is the RAM - and im cool with that.

    so now im wondering if i should consider looking at upping the graphics card and possibly the processor.

    If i was to do these can anyone point me in the direction of instructions on doing so and ideas on what hardware to purchase please????

    I have a past life of IT with PC's and while i could build a PC in my sleep - a mac is another story so before i go pulling apart the computer that would cost me $$$$$$ to replace i thought it best to do some research and ask others that may have been here done this first!

    Im in AUSTRALIA if that helps for sourcing products :)


    (oh and i know it could do with and update, but tobe honest this is the first time in quite a few months that i have actually reclaimed her off the kids and used her as i can't do the stuff i need todo on her atm)

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    graphics card to have brightness control and apple splash boot screen means getting a newer imac video card. If you get a Dell or such MXM card you can modify the heat sink and some will work (minus what I have already mentioned) but non apple cards are hit and miss. There is alot of threads here on the subject of that already.
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    If you search the internet there are a number of discussions about upgrading cpu. It seems if you swap the the same i7 as you could of ordered originally may work. If you switch to others you might get it running. But it may be finicky about which OS version and refuse to boot at all.

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