iMac 2012 AMD Radeon HD 7000?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by bottleneck, Feb 29, 2012.

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    The AnandTech article "AMD Clarifies 7000M Strategy" is about the Radeon 7000M lineup. The next iMac GPUs?

    "They have in essence drawn a line in the sand (e.g. in their product portfolio), and everything 7600M and below will reuse their existing 40nm VLIW5 architecture while all of the yet-to-be-announced parts above 7600M (7700M/7800M/7900M) will switch to 28nm GCN (Graphics Core Next). It sounds like the mobile GPUs will use lower power variants of “Pitcairn” and “Cape Verde”, leaving “Tahiti” as a desktop-only GPU for the time being, but features like DX11.1, VCE, and ZeroCore Power Technology will be present in the higher performance 7000M parts when they launch. And just when will that be? AMD wouldn’t give us a date, but all indications are we’ll see the 7000M Southern Islands GPUs in the April/May timeframe."

    An iMac with Ivy Bridge and a 28nm GCN Southern Islands GPU starting around May? Yes please!

    AMD GPU Roadmap (german),866766/AMD-Roadmap-zeigt-kommende-Desktop-und-Notebook-Grafikkarten-der-HD-7000-Serie/Grafikkarte/News/
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    Seems logical, unless Nvidia throws something into the mix very soon.

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