iMac 2012 bootcamp win7 external thunderbolt ssd

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Hi all i have read up on the various post regarding using bootcamp to install windows 7 on an external thunderbolt ssd drive. Since there are alot of post about it and this is my first mac "love it btw" i wanted some advice if i got it right and i don't overcomplicate things or so.

    My spec's. iMac late 2012 with fusion drive 1Tb. Lacie rugged 128GB thunderbolt disk.

    1: Install bootcamp to internal drive. Make an partition say 120GB.
    2: Boot into windows and install drivers. TB drive attached.
    3: Use an software like ghost/winclone or ccc. (what is best/easy?) to copy winpartion of 120GB to ssd drive.
    4: Remove bootcamp partition from internal drive.

    The steps are posted by omvs (thanks mate) in this post here:

    Hope i got it right. As i said first time mac user and abit confused about all new stuff. Need windows for gaming. Once i get this working my iMac will be complete :)
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    Dec 31, 2012
    I will reply to my own post.
    The above did the trick. The tricky part was to remove the bootcamp partition before trying to boot from the TB drive. If both partitions exist at the same time i got an bluescrren when booting the TB drive. After removing it all worked straight away. BTW i used winclone and chose to update the BCD when asked.

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