iMac 2016 delay possibility

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Trebuin, Sep 22, 2016.

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    I don't know if Apple will do this, but it depends on what the RX 480 looks like in the end. There's a strong possibility that the performance of the 480 will match that of the R9 395x in which case Apple will probably bypass Polaris altogether a go with Vega. This is still speculation...Apple could release the 480 this winter and the 490/495/x in the spring when Vega is released, unless Vega makes an appearance in the fall for Apple. If Cook is truly interested in pushing a more pro level iMac, that would be my move...though I'd still go with something better than a trashcan.
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    The RX 480 has been out for a while now and is thoroughly bench marked. It is about 50-60% faster than than the M395X at a slightly higher power consumption.

    The RX 470 uses less power than the M395X and is 30% faster than the M395X. Iwould wager that apple updates to Polaris next month, and Vega next year.

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