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Mar 31, 2019
I need help so I can choose the best one for me !!
I want the best for daily use plus games

Imac pro
10 core
64 vega
1t ssd
Imac 2019
64 gb
48 vega
1t ssd

I know that you are a card vega 64
better than vega 48
But a processor i9 better than 10core xeon for gaming

What is the best choice ???


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Nov 3, 2011
Very reasonable and common question nowadays. I'm in the same shoes as you.

imac pros got better speakers, t2 chip, better cooling, faster ssd (?), cool space grey aesthetics, facetime camera but it doesn't have the spectre and meltdown hardware mitigation that i9-9900k has. i9 has higher turbo speeds which should outperform the xeon processors in spontaneous loads. Also xeon processors don't have igpus which i9 has. Xeon also is lacking quick sync whereas i9 has. I'm leaning towards i9 at the moment b/c imac pro is a 2017 product and i9 imac is a 2019 product. imac pro uses a 500w psu and imac 2017 uses 300w psu assuming the psu capacity hasn't changed this year either.

Unless I do video rendering all day, all night, I think i9 is a better choice for casual use. Higher clock speeds of i9 should outperform the xeon ones in boot/shutdown speeds, launching/quitting apps, and some light photo/video editing. I haven't hit that "place order" button yet b/c I'm still waiting on a plethora of reviews on the i9.


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Aug 18, 2010
London, UK
I have an 8 Core pro and a 10 core pro....and now an i9 2019 Unit. Now, if the i9 unit had been available I would have bought that instead of the 8 Core pro I think.

There are some compromises though - two TB ports instead of 4...I'd struggle with that now, as everything I have is moved to TB. Also, only 1 5k Monitor, whereas currently my iMP has 2 x 5k plugged in (and sometimes a separate 4k unit when it's not running my video conferencing).

My 10 core unit does my virtual stuff (a lot of stuff) - the i9 would not replace that. Also, that unit uses 10Gb networking - the i9 doesn't have that.

I'm not sure there is a 'best' choice here!
[doublepost=1554061101][/doublepost]Sorry, yes, the SSD in the Pro is a lot faster than the one in the i9 for write - 3Gbps on the pro, bit below 2Gbps on the i9. Read speeds are a lot closer but with the pro still in front for that.

The video thing is interesting - the i9 will have the Quick Sync video extensions whereas the Xeon won't. My 'pro exports from FCP slower than the i9, anything up to 20%ish slower depending what it's (re)encoding.

Colonel Blimp

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Dec 1, 2016
The most important thing for me is the games, better hand games ??
The Radeon Pro Vega 64 is more powerful than the Radeon Pro Vega 48, and GPU matters far more for most games than CPU, but for the extra money you’re considering dropping on a 10-core iMac Pro with Vega 64, you could buy an eGPU enclosure and a Radeon VII, and get better gaming performance still (though you’d also have to get an external monitor, at least for most macOS gaming).
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