iMac 21.5' 4k 2017 - HDD upgrade to SSD from Apple

Discussion in 'iMac' started by giannistzn, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    This may sound like a silly question, but... The screen of my iMac started showing some "shadowing" patterns on the bottom (right and left) corners. According to Dr Google, this is an accumulation of dust in the panel and may require a panel replacement (correct me if I'm wrong).
    The iMac is under warranty at the moment, so I will have to visit an apple store and discuss the problem with them. My (theoretical) question is: if I request for an upgrade from an HDD to an SSD (assuming they are going to repair and replace the panel) is it something they will agree to do or is it something they will likely decline on warranty grounds or other issues I can't think of?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts
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    I would think the best bet would be an Apple Reseller rather than an Apple Store. Also you have not shared with us details about the imac. Apple will not work on anything older than about a 20-12/13 model as these are considered 'obsolete'.

    A Reseller fitting say a Samsung EVO 970 might be reasonable. This Blade Drive of say 512GB would be great depending on the model. Late 27" (2016) models all come with this PCI-e fitting on the motherboard, but not some 21.5" models.
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    Sorry, details on the title but not on the actual post!

    It's a 2017 4k 21.5' iMac with a standard 1TB Hard Drive, which I think can be upgraded to a sata SSD but not a blade, again correct me if I'm wrong.
    Would the apple reseller be as trustworthy as apple store through? (I live in the UK)
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    A brick n mortar Apple Store WILL NOT "upgrade the drive".

    A 3rd-party repair place might do it.

    But if it was me, I'd rather have the Apple Store replace the display (assuming it's defective).

    Then... buy an EXTERNAL USB3 SSD, plug that in, and set it up to become an EXTERNAL boot drive.
    The iMac will run much faster.
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    I've done a little bit of research on this scenario as well, which is tempting. Prices for decent SSD's (sandisk, samsung T5 etc) are quite normal at the moment so it is a possibility.
    On this situation, is the built-in disc used as an 'idle' disk, if the Mac boots from an SSD and if yes, can you use it solely for storage?
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