Imac 21.5" Slowed Down Issue


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Nov 23, 2009
I just purchased my Imac 2 days ago, I am new to Mac.
I was trying to install Iwork09, and had the following programs on : Itunes (music playing), 2 USB flash memory, Safari. And the system just slowed down. There was no response, so what I did was to just turn the power off and restart. Everything ran smoothly again...

When I get stuck how should I turn off the MAC? I trying Force Quit, but it wouldn't work...

Also I like running computer very simple with no clutter, how do I change the start up programs?

Any maintanence I need to do so the system runs smoothly and fast?


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Oct 28, 2009

make sure your mac os is updated to 10.6.2
this is a widely known issue associated with flash on snow leopard being buggy.

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