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    I just returned a 27" Refurb iMac to Apple. For my set up the screen seemed too large and the price was a bit much. . I am hemming and hawing about the 21.5. I do work with aperture and plan on downloading Xcode to do some development work. My planned refurb configuration is 21.5 1 TB. Fusion Drive, 16 RAM, 512 Graphics. I am not a heavy gamer nor a big time video shooter though I do use iMovie from time to time. Opinions please?
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    Aug 13, 2011
    I think that setup is going to be fine. People have no problem running Xcode on their MBA with less RAM and less processing power; the same goes for Aperture. I don't foresee a problem with this at all.
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    Apr 27, 2011
    My wife has a 21.5" iMac (2011 ver) and the screen is plenty large enough for her photo editing needs. Since she tends to open a bunch of programs with multiple tabs/windows the 8gb was a problem. Added 16gb to it and it runs great. I use a 23" ACD with my MBP and find it's a great balance between screen real estate an desk space.

    The configuration you selected should do well.
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