iMac 24" hdd to ssd upgrade

Discussion in 'iMac' started by SpecialKBerries, Sep 26, 2012.

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    From what I've been seeing there are two main issues if I want to do this.

    This is the model that I have"_EMC_2134_and_2211

    #1 Thermal Sensor
    It seems that since i'm not using an original apple harddrive the termal sensor will not work correctly causing the fan to spin unnecessarily. Is this true, I've read for some people this doesn't happen.

    If it is I the two options seem to be to use software to control the spinning, or to short out the thermal sensor. Not sure which is better.

    #2 Connector
    Apparently if you use a normal 2.5" to 3.5" adapter for the SSD the cable isn't long enough to reach anyway. What's the best workaround for this.

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    No worries

    I've recently done this for a friend who has the same 24" as you. His stock HD started to die and he wasn't comfortable opening up his Mac so I said if he bought all the parts I do it for a favour owed.

    First point is you are right regarding the temp sensor, BUT! If you fit a new drive and carefully remove the sensor from the old drive complete and then tape it back onto the new drive its fine, no fan app/mod needed.

    The sensor is taped on to your stock drive so just put it back as it was, no dramas.

    Secondly yes you are right, if you use a 2.5 ssd and put it into a 3.5-2.5 caddy the cable wont reach as the drive connector is not exactly in the right place. I read up on this first, alot, some caddys are crap and not worth buying as they dont mount the drive centrally or the holes dont line up.

    There are a few good caddy's out there, samsung,owc and a few others but you will struggle like I said with the cable. If I recall you MAY be able to get a cable but I'm not sure, or where from.

    My advice after actually doing it is choose a SATA 2 SSD (SATA 3 isn't worth getting as you can utilise it ) and whilst looking I found that you buy a few 3.5" ssd in SATA 2. This should bolt in but I cant guarantee it as I haven't done it

    I ended up using a 2.5 "128GBs Crucial V4 as they were cheaper than the SATA 3 models and then I stuck adhesive velcro to it and the inside of the case
    and made really sure it had stuck and the drive was in the right place.

    Sounds crap but its not going anyware, just use a laptop with Ifixit guide open while you do it, take your time, make sure you have good light and are thorough with labelling all parts.

    Best bit of advice is have a friend and dont take the screen out, thats the hardest part so if you have a friend to lift it you can leave it in and not have to disconnect the cable to the board.

    I took my time, 2.5 hrs and I know I could do it much quicker now I have done it, not taking the screen out it is kind of awkward but saves you time later on.

    My mate was really chuffed considering the materials, can of air, 128ssd and velcro cost abouut £100 and he thought his iMac ws knackered.Go for it and good luck!
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    I'm going to give it a shot.

    I found this 2.5" to 3.5" coverter. Do you think this might work instead of using tape?
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    Not sure???

    I can't see a link for that, where are you in the states?

    If you are and you wanted a 3.5-2.5 adapter I go with this:

    In fact, call them and ask them and I'm sure they will give you all the info you need, make them work for your sale is my opinion.

    Get them to confirm it will fit and also that the cable from the mobo will connect to your new drive once you assemble all of it.

    Then you can buy all from them or with the info you needed buy else where.

    I'd definatly ask them as the chance of a sale is going to be a lure for them .

    Hope this helps and lpost up when you have done it, I'm about to SSD my mini so can't wait!

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    Nov 14, 2009
    Though I've not used one, I would think this adapter should give the correct alignment in a 3.5" bay:

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