iMac 27" 5K (Late 2015) questions (Target Mode & RAM)

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Clown, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Clown, Nov 1, 2016
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    Clown macrumors member

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    Hello guys,

    I am going to get my iMac 27" 5K 3.2GHz Quad Core Intel i5 with AMD R9 M390 in a week or so.
    Two questions about this machine:

    - I understood that this iMac can not support Target Mode for using as an external monitor.
    Is it possible to connect a MacBook/Notebook to it through Thunderbolt 2.0 and set the resolution
    lower then 5K? Will this work?
    Furthermore, will Thunderbolt 3.0 be supported on this machine in the future or the hardware just
    won't work with it?

    - I bought this iMac with 8GB RAM stock. I am planing on upgrading it to 16GB or 32GB.
    I am going to buy the RAM sticks from a 3rd party company. I wonder if there is any affect using
    RAM from different company with Apple's stock RAM? Is it okay to use it that way or should I just
    ditch the Apple's RAM and use only the RAM's from the 3rd party company?
    *the RAM sticks will of course have the same exact specification as of the Apple's RAM.

  2. Kudos6612 Suspended

    Aug 10, 2016
    If the iMac doesn't have thunderbolt3 right now, it won't get it in the future. Not sure why you would think Apple would add features that are clearly coming to the next version of iMac probably spring 2017.

    And no it does not support target display to connect a MacBook to it. Not sure why you would want that anyways as that is the whole reason in buying an iMac is that it's a desktop.

    Adding ram to an iMac is easy doesn't matter whether third party.

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