IMac 27" Core i7 vs MacPro 2.66 GHz Xeon

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ermir4444, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. ermir4444 macrumors regular


    Oct 25, 2009
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    The question is as you see it in the topic. Which one would you buy if you had the money?
  2. newmacboyoutube macrumors member

    Apr 18, 2010
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    If I had the monet..

    mac pro high end ( more expandable for future)

    little money

    imac 21.5"


    imac 27' core i5/i7 or MacBook Pro 15" 2.66 i7

    PS no macbook pro 16" exists...
  3. PsyD4Me macrumors 6502a


    Mar 11, 2009
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    depends what you will be using it for....
    Mac Pro will last you longer but it is more $.

    Looks like you already have 2 laptops, so why buy a unit with laptop components(iMac)?
    Go for the Pro
  4. Winni macrumors 68040


    Oct 15, 2008
    I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but the i5/i7 iMacs are NOT using notebook components anymore.

    I don't know how the i5/i7 compare against the current Mac Pros, but I know for certain that the i5 iMac outperforms a Mac Pro 1,1 from 2007.

    My guess is that only the high-end eight core Mac Pros will be significantly faster than the Quad Core iMacs. But that performance comes at a price: The Mac Pros are MUCH more expensive and they produce much more noise and consume more electricity than the iMacs.

    The 27" Quad Core iMacs are the most balanced machines between computing power and cost/noise/power consumption that ANY computer manufacturer currently has in the offer. (Which is the rationale why I sold my Mac Pro and bought an i5 iMac myself.)
  5. davegregory macrumors regular

    Jul 7, 2009
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    I'm in the same conundrum. I am currently editing my photos on a 15" Core 2 Duo 1st gen unibody MBP. I would really like to get a desktop machine, but I'm stuck between the iMac 27" i7 and the Mac Pro. I already have a 24" LED Cinema display that I use with my notebook, so I wouldn't need to get a display if I get the Mac Pro. But, I would have two displays with the iMac. Does anyone know where I could find benchmarks between the iMac i7 and the current Mac Pro? I'm sure if I go with the Mac Pro, they'll end up updating it right after I buy it. So, I'm trying to hold off on the purchase until they release a new version of Mac Pro. Any input is of help.

  6. pbagaindoc macrumors member

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  7. Red Comet macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2009
    You got to ask yourself one question:

    "How often do I upgrade to a new computer?"

    That should answer how much power you need and the money you're willing to invest.

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