iMac 27 late 2012 BootCamp Windows 7

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    load legal version Windows 7 on Imac 1TB fusion with superdrive from Windows DVD
    Bootcamp instructions do not tell you this cannot be done and Windows cannot recognize DVD on superdrive. Apple should be ashamed and not communicating this. Attn: Apple tech support
    Use superdrive and disk utility to create .iso image of the dvd of Win 7 (creates it as .cdr and just change suffix with command i )use DVD master option
    Format a thumb drive usb (mine 16gb) via disk utility to msdos fat 32 (per bc instructions) prior to running bootcamp
    Run bootcamp, partition and load on flash, all three options checked
    Follow other bootcamp instructions

    Took me 9 hours to arrive at above even with tech support who was not aware of issue with superdrive. Joined this forum just to communicate and help with above since info was very hard for me to find. Maybe someone can outline this in greater detail. Someone should be Apple.

    Good luck
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