iMac 27" late 2012 suddenly shuts down

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mcportable, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. mcportable macrumors newbie

    Aug 23, 2014
    Hi everybody :)
    I've bought a recycled Imac 27 late 2012 from a serious French seller (Fnac to be precise as famous in France as Amazon for example) 2 months ago.
    After 2 or 3 weeks, it appeared that it suddenly crashed et shutdown : black screen, no response to keyboard, no error message displayed. The only way to restart it is to unplug the electrical cord and wait for a few minutes before plugging it again.
    It happens quite often but not in a regular way, nor due to an excess of activity.
    Here is my config :
    Nom du modèle*: iMac
    Identifiant du modèle*: iMac13,2
    Nom du processeur*: Intel Core i5
    Vitesse du processeur*: 2,9 GHz
    Nombre de processeurs*: 1
    Nombre total de cœurs*: 4
    Cache de niveau 2 (par cœur)*: 256 Ko
    Cache de niveau 3*: 6 Mo
    Mémoire*: 16 Go
    Version de la ROM de démarrage*: IM131.010A.B05
    Version SMC (système)*: 2.11f14

    Do you have any idea ?
    Sorry for the approximate English and thank you so much for yoour help :)
  2. asriznet macrumors regular

    Dec 21, 2013
    You may probably have done this to fix the issue but see if you have done it properly - Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

    Also run software updates to make sure your system is up to date.

    Could the power cord be loose connection in any way?

    You probably want to check if you still have warranty on it and better off sending it to an Apple Retail Store for hardware diagnostics -
  3. mcportable thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 23, 2014
    SMC tried and cord ok

    Thanks Asriznet :)

    I've tried to reset SMC and it seems to get better for a few days then start again :)

    I've also checked the RAM (original + Crucial). All is ok

    The cord is OK.

    I've a 3 month warranty, and I think I'm going to bring it back to the seller tomorrow.
    Thanks for your help :)
  4. kalebwyman macrumors newbie


    Aug 22, 2015
    Do you have the 3 TB Fusion Drive? I have the same problems with my 27" Late 2012 iMac. Apple created a replacement program for this — many have been affected. "Apple has determined that a very small number of 3TB hard drives used in 27-inch iMac systems, may fail under certain conditions. These systems were sold between December 2012 and September 2013."

    Here's the official support page for this program:

    I have to take mine back to the Apple Store AGAIN... I've had the drive replaced once before, including many other components, before the Replacement Program was enacted under Apple Care. I believe it's a Seagate drive... apparently many of these were faulty. (If I knew this component was Seagate and not a more reliable partner, I never would have gone with it.)

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