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Discussion in 'iMac' started by mikeerhymes, Apr 6, 2014.

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    Hi All

    I wanted to know if I could install a normal mSATA SSD into my iMac, I've looked all over the web and couldn't find a concrete answer so decided to have a look at it myself. Most answers were people just guessing rather than factual.

    Anyway, after stripping it apart it is obvious it has this custom mSATA connection. I'm sure it would be a very simple adapter to convert the Apple connector to a normal SSD mSATA. Does anyone know if such an adapter exists, or is actually possible?

    I know about the OWC SSDs that would fit this, but they are insanely expensive GB for GB in comparison so was looking for alternatives.


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    If it's late-2013 there are no third party drives available as the blade SSDs in the late-2013 ones are PCIe (and even those are not the standard M.2 PCIe types).

    Late-2012 ones are blade mSATA, but only OWC makes upgrade kits for it. There are no blade mSATA SSDs in the market other than from OWC and Apple, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Yes it's a late 2012 with the mSATA.

    If you look on the picture above you can see the pin layout looks the same but the connector is fractionally narrower. I was hoping there was an adapter available for normal mSATA to Apple's version that my SSD could sit on or connect to.

    If they only used this connector for a year it's understandable why there might not be any adapters available!

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