iMac 27" (no TB) -> Windows laptop- am I getting this right?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Abyssgh0st, Jul 23, 2012.

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    So I've got both a 27" iMac and a Windows gaming laptop. What I'd like to do is connect my laptop to my iMac in order to gain more screen real estate for gaming. Here are the specifics:

    27" iMac: 2011 model with DisplayPort.
    Laptop: HDMI and VGA.

    If I go MiniDP to HDMI adaptor -> HDMI cable -> HDMI in on laptop, will I be able to use the iMac as a display? I'm a little iffy about the possibility of doing this while the iMac is in OS X, but I also have it Boot Camped where I have much more faith that this will work.

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    The 2011 iMac has Thunderbolt. Do you have the 2010 model?

    Edit: Just noticed your signature and it is the 2010 model. Since the target display mode in the 2010 models works with stuff like a PS3, then it will work with any other device, such as your windows laptop. Leave it in OS X and make it go into target display mode. There is only one problem. You need to go Laptop --> HDMI --> miniDisplayPort. There are no cheap HDMI (male) to miniDisplayport (female) adaptors. You would need a Kanex XD.

    That would be for output from the iMac, not input into the iMac. The miniDP to HDMI adaptor outputs from the miniDP port and not the other way around.

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