Imac 27" or MBP 15"? Help Me.


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Jun 9, 2009
I own a 15" MBP late 06'. For what I need it for (internet, word docs, listening to music, movies) it still runs well but it has slowed down over time. I just graduated college and will be back home for a long time saving money.

The MBP was convenient for the college life, but often never left my desk unless it was a few rare occasions. I am thinking about upgrading and the Imac keeps catching my eye (the baseline 27"). My justification is that I have an Iphone 4 so if i desperately need to access email, internet, etc. I can do so on that device and have my main powerhouse Imac at home.

My question: Anyone else been in a similar situation going from a laptop to a desktop, because usually its always the other way around these days.


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Feb 6, 2010
On the fence
If you want the iMac, why not? I wouldn't recommend breaking the bank if you already have another computer, but if you don't mind spending the money, go for it. Another option would be to upgrade the RAM and/or hard drive in your current computer if you haven't done so, but that wouldn't give you the desktop, so that may not be appealing.


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Dec 10, 2008
How much RAM do you have in your MBP? You could simply max out the RAM and add faster HD to make it faster. I went from laptop to iMac and haven't regretted it that much but if I could choose now, I would get a laptop and an external monitor.

Do you need the power of iMac or is any Mac fine? If you need the power, get the iMac, otherwise, I would get a laptop and external because it allows portability if needed


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Jun 9, 2009
In response to the first reply, I would be selling my MBP and according to similar sales I would be getting between $700-$800 if im lucky.

In response to the second reply, I don't need more than 4gb of ram. Like i said I am not doing anything intensive such as finalcut, or gaming. I simply would enjoy the screen real estate for watching movies and maybe some photoshop.

The MBP served me well when i needed my laptop to travel to campus to finish a paper or work on a project but i am done now so I am leaning towards the Imac. of course I haven't ruled out the newer MBP's yet.

Thanks for your responses


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Jun 23, 2010
I am considering this as well, I have a similar MBP.

The pros for me on the iMac is mainly the screen, it will cost me close to $1k to get a similar one. My laptop is connected to my 24" monitor 98% of the time and the setup isn't really convenient to unplug. My MBP battery is still in good shape because of this but still only last 2hrs with gentle use, so I have to bring the cord with me everywhere.

I will likely get a refurb i5 27" and if there are no issues with yellowing, sell my MBP on ebay. The refurb 27" plus a refurb 13" white macbook cost almost the same as a new 15" or 17", if I felt I was missing portability.

Depends on what you need/want, for me it's 27" hi res IPS panel. But I am still unsure, like yourself, if I would regret it.


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Feb 26, 2010
Sounds like you don't need the power of an imac and really just want it for the nice viewing experience. However, as you will be living at home you may occasionally want to get out of the house and do a little work in a coffee shop or library. Why not shoot for a refurb 17 " then as a intermediate compromise? You may not want to be "chained" to your desk for years to come.
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