IMAC 350 and OS 10.2 please help.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by lhotse-girl, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Mar 27, 2008

    Please help! I have always fancied trying a MAc and was given an IMAC 350 (on freecycle) with 256mb ram, cd rom with OS X 10.2 installed. I have no discs or anything, just me and this problem...!!

    Now I have used windows for years and can happily install and repair with no problem, and here I have entered the twilight world...!! I know nothing...!!

    Here's the problem and explanation.

    The imac was wonderful when I got it a couple of days ago. I managed to get it connected to the internet via my pc's network - it sorted itself out on that one and could lok around. It uses Internet Explorer Mac 5.2 and could already see it needs updating as it wasn't abnle to see some flash. I didn't do anything about this element just yet.

    The imac requested to do some updates in the background of four files. I'm not sure which they are as I didn't write them down, but one was an IE update.

    It failed this a few times, some kind of missing file or something - again, didn't write it down. When I trued again and left, it said successful and needed rebooting.

    On reboot, was a blue folder with black question - at least I went and found out it was asking for the system disc.

    Now, I have all the original windwows disc but no mac discs, so I managed to download an OS 10.2. It accepted the disc and proceeded to install the system. The problem when it reach the select disc to install, there wasn't oneto install.

    Other than throw it through the window as I feel put off with my first experience of MAC, can anybody help and advise?

    I've sent an email to the person who gave it to me, and hopefully they might help, but I'm not sure. It's £75 here to see a specialist, and I cannot afford that right now.

    I'd really like to have some pleasure form this machine.

    Many thanks.

  2. iMpathetic macrumors 68030


    Oct 7, 2007
    Those are the symptoms of a dead hard drive, I'm sorry to say.

    You can find used hard drives on eBay for as little as £5 or £10.

    Hopefully, someone can install it for you, too.
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    Okay, you found a pirated 10.2, put it on a disk, and tried to install from it, eh? Well, that might be your first problem. Find someone with a real 10.2 disk and get your OS back.

    Then run Software Update and get 10.2.8, and then get Safari and trash Internet Explorer. If you could somehow set fire to software, I'd do that to Internet Explorer.

    Hope that it works out for you. Don't hang around on that thing for very long; get a new iMac!
  4. lhotse-girl thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 27, 2008
    Sort of getting there....


    Many thanks for your advice. In the meantime, like suggested I've just been down to a friend who runs a computing web business and I find he had macs for a few years.

    I took the trusty imac down, he used panther and tried to install it to find no hard drive. He then used the disc utility, repaired it, and then simply erased what was on it to get the hard drive found. I've left him with it to install it and see what happens. He suggested I might need a new hard drive, but will wait the installation to happen. He said something about firmware too, so I've been reading up on that.

    I will be installing firefox once up and running again as I'm not keen on internet explorer, which I understand is what's case the problem.

    I'm shocked to find the licensing issues with Mac OS discs as not the same as MS. But I will buy a set out of decency as I have with my windows as I know I want to. The point is, having spent several hundreds on MS, I won't do the same on Mac until I know I like it and want to move to Mac. Common frugal sense when PC's are the norm, and I'm a bit frightened of Macs at the moment as I don't know what I'm doing - I can happily install windows all day..!!

    At least I'm learning from this process and hope I get something out of it.

    Thanks for your adviceand comments :)


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