iMac 5K, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro. Which to sell?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by solideliquid, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Aug 8, 2008
    My current tech setup includes a desktop gaming PC, iMac 5K (late-2014), iPhone 7+, iPad Pro 9.7, and a new MacBook Pro 13 TB. I don't do any processor or graphics intensive activities such as video or photo editing. I enjoy browsing the internet, watching youtube, iTunes, and from time to time word processor/editing documents. I got the 5K iMac about 1.5 years ago and sold my 13 MBP because I wanted a desktop Mac experience and was tired of charging all my iDevices. Now I think I am more interested in the laptop Mac experience rather than desktop.

    It's down to what do I need TWO Macs for, do I enjoy using the iMac at my desk with it's big screen or the new MBP with it's new touch bar and ability to be portable and use all of the house. So should I sell the iMac, I can either get about $750 for it through Apple or around $200-300 more on eBay. My other option is to keep the iMac and return the MBP.

    Anyone else in this situation?
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    Sounds like maybe you should invest in some nice artwork instead?

    Drop the iMac, as it seems to provide no benefit. MBP will provide a better surfing experience.
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    I thought about selling my iMac 5K because I got the 15" TB Macbook Pro - but ended up selling the iPad Pro instead which I rarely used. I do a lot of image editing, so the iMac is fantastic for that. Simply for home use, I'd probably get rid of both the 13" TB Macbook Pro and the iMac and get a 15" TB MBP. That way you get portability and a fairly decent screen size. The 13" MBP's screen size would be too small for me if I'd use it as my main computer.
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    Sell the iMac, and get a monitor for the laptop for when you want tot sit at the desk with a bigger screen. Best of both worlds for what you use it for.
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    Mar 24, 2011
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    Bingo. Doesn't sound like you even need the MBP for the most part, but the 13" is a nice portable one to have.

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