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Apr 7, 2017
Hello all
Can anyone help me with my 2nd hand iMac model A1195, I bought this and it was vertically brand new hardly used and in immaculate condition, unfortunetly the previous owner did not have the original restore discs. I have been trying to restore to factory settings but have been unable to do so. I have tried to get into recovery mode and safe mode and have also tried pressing c to get it to boot from cd but it just ignores any keys I press and just starts OS X . I have heard of people installing El Capitan to these machines although they are not supported but runs slower than a new iMac. The questions I would like answers to if possible are 1) How can I restore this unit to factory settings. 2) How do I get it to boot from cd or USB? 3) Can I get it to run El Capitan if so how? 4) Where can I get images from? 5) Anyone know where to get original discs from as apple don't have them anymore?
I hope someone can help me as I don't want to scrap the unit as it's mint, thank you in advance


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Oct 19, 2007
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Unless it has OS X.7 Lion installed, I am sorry to tell you it cannot run Recovery because of its age, July2006 release date. It came originally with Tiger, OS X.4. My suggestion is you purchase Snow Leopard OS X.6 from Apple Online for $20 and that includes mailing. Then update to OS X.6.8 and leave it there as Snow Leopard is much more stable than Lion.

You will find troubles banking etc because of the computer and operating system's age. Anything after OS X.7 is out of the question, again because of age. Also Apple stopped security and other updates way up to Mavericks OS X.9 as these operating systems are considered obsolete.

It may be mint but do not expect it to do anything fast and I would not take it on the 'net because of extremely limited security availability. Here is a link to the DVD from Apple. When you get it, pop it in the optical drive, if it still works, boot and hold down 'C' and suggest you then erase and format the drive and do a nice clean install.


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Feb 20, 2009
I believe OS 10.7 (Lion) is "as far as you can go" on that one.

If you want to install a new OS, I suggest you buy a 10.6 "Snow Leopard" install DVD and use that. It's a good OS.
(Actually, it may already be installed?)

That iMac is now about 10 years old.
Old, but still usable.
Use it "for what it is", and be happy with that...
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