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    So, I've had the 24" iMac for one day, and after a sort of rough start (reformatting...) everything is working great. I really cannot believe how good this machine actually is compared to every other PC I have ever tried. It puts my Pentium 4 and my 20" LCD to shame - seriously. Everything is so nicely organized and well thought out - all the way from the packaging, to the tinniest details in OS X. Let me start right from the beginning...

    1) Delivery

    The Apple packaging is as beautiful as it is said to be. No one is exaggerating when they say Apple takes great care in the way they present their products. Everything was wrapped up very nicely, and all smelled really really good (no joke!)

    2) Set up

    The easiest part. One wire. Literally. Back of iMac --> Wall outlet. Well, there's the mouse and keyboard...more on that later. When you get a new Apple computer, it's better right from the start - I was very surprised when it offered to take my picture for my user account. It sets itself up so nicely, and was particularly impressed with how easily it found my home network. 10 minutes after the unboxing, everything was up and running. None of the usual "crap I need to donwload norton, adaware, spybot, etc...". It all just worked right away. Even though I had a serious problem with t he iMac a few hours later, the overall experience was still better. More on the tech support later...

    3) Stuff that is included

    This is what impressed me. When you buy a new PC, you get a cheap plastic ball mouse and keyboard usually - and some other cheapo gadgets. the Mac keyboard is quite simply the best keyboard I've ever used - I really really regret not getting the wireless one. For one thing, it looks incredible, but the keys feel so responsive and have such a nice cling to them. I've used tons of keyboards, even some really high end logitech one, yet the Apple one feels better. It does not have as many shortcut buttons, but it has volume control which is in the perfect place, and an eject button for the cd drive. Some extra keys would have been nice...but the fact that it has USB ports makes up for it. In one word, the keyboard looks really really COOL! The mouse is pretty good...,I don't know what all teh fuss is's perfectly normal to have to raise your left finger before rightclicking...maybe thats just how I've always used a mouse. The mighty mouse right clicks perfectly well, and I haven't once missed a right click. The side buttons are perfect also. I do wish, however, that tehre were two extra buttons for forward/back for websites. The scroll ball is good, also. But I don't htink its any better than a scroll wheel, imo, besides the aesthetics.

    The Apple remote is also included, and it clamps onto the iMac magnetically. Very well done- it feels very iPodesque and has an incredible feel to it. Moreover, all the CDs and manuals are well done.

    3) Included Software

    I've been a serious user of Yahoo widgets. the problem is that they're always there on your desktop and in the way. With Dashboard, it only appears when you want it to. I remapped it to F3 because F9 or whatever felt weird. I love how you can just add widgets so easily. Very well done. Expose is an incredible implementation. A few hours after using my Mac I went to use my old windows box to get some stuff off there and I kept pressing F1 (the button I remapped show all windows to) but nothing happened! Expose is really great, and I wish I had it long ago. The show desktop feature is superb also. Spotlight beats windows search anyday, but Google Desktop works just as well, although that's an "add-on" and it slows down the computer a lot.

    Safari is a great browser, though for some reason (familiarity?) I use firefox. I still haven't quite figured out the best and quickest way to install new stuff, but im learning. Mail works great - simpler and more efficient than outlook. Adress book I haven't tried yet, but it randomly pops up sometimes - not sure why. I tunes...well I dont need to explain that...that's pretty obvious! iPhoto is way better than Media Center in that it shows you all the pictures at once, and its really easy to set up a slideshow. None of the usual "where is the slideshow button..." it's right there. the rest of iLife I have yet to explored, except the instruments in Garageband:) Photobooth gave me about a solid hour of fun...the effects are really cool.

    Oh yeah, I also forgot about Front Row. Works really well, and it's very intuitive. It also has a real slick interface...just makes lsitening to music/watching videos (the online trailer addition is great!) more fun. Overall, much mroe stable than media center, although it does take some time to load up all my songs (around 15 GB worth). Playlists load way quicker.

    Preview is just like Adobe Reader (I think). Nothing to say about it. It works.That's all I feel like typing about the software now. To summarize, compared to Windows software that comes preinstalled, well, mac puts it to same!

    4) The Screen

    The two-footer is replacing a 20" HP LCD...which I previously thought was incredibly bright and sharp. With my iMac set up right next to it now (I'm not unplugging PC yet because I haven't transfered everything), the HP looks old, washed out, and dim. This screen puts it to shame. Not just because it's bigger, but because of hte quality. I do not find the display too bright, its just the right brightness. Watching those 1080p quick time trailers is fun. The screen is enormous, but I like it. I can't even look at the entire thing at once, but it still is great for multiple apps.

    5) The OS

    I've already spoken about this under "Software", but there is one thing I'd like to say about the OS. I opened up eveyr single program in my dock and apps folder, all at once, and the computer was still completely usable and unlagging. It did not crash once. It still hasnt crashed (with the exception of my screw up...)

    6) Tech Support

    Ok, so when I messed up the iMac, I called Apple. People were very nice, and they called me back when I accidently hung up while taking a call on another line. I dont like how they tried to sell me Applecare. But they were useful, and they solved the probelm . I also called back when I was havingh boot camp trouble, and they fixed that also. I still havent finished installing bootcamp b ecause I had XP SP1...The wait times are a little long on the phone, but the people speak perfect english (unlike Dell) and they solved the problem. They seem to really know what theyre talking about. I dont know if they actually do because i'm still a noob, but they fixed my problem so I'm happy.

    7) The Hardware

    Ok, well we all know the design is beautiful. More importantly, this thing is really quiet. The only thing I hear in my room is my power bar making a low humming sound. A quiet machine makes the room so much easier to focus in (it's in a bedroom). The slotloading drive is nice, and all the ports/connections are layed out nicely. I mean, it would havebeen more convenient to have USB on the side, but apple chose to keep it clean - a good choice, as this really adds to the modern look. I wish there were mroe usb ports. Everything is screaming fast - but to give a true verdict, I'll have to try windows on it - I havent tried OS X on a slow computer.

    Well that's all for now. Sorry for the long post, but I figured some people contemplating the switch would like to read it!

    Edit: Here is what I mean by "it can run a lot of stuff at once!" I had to cut off part of the sides of the image because the file was too large. And I added in those white boxes myself because those apps are photobooth + iPhoto and I dont want to give away personal informaiton on the net:)

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    Grand Rapids, MI, USA
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    Welcome. Why did you reformat a new machine? The best part of Macs is that you can do stuff right out of the box.
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    Sep 21, 2006
    This is a great review that every pc user should read. I love the straight from PC people.
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    Thanks! I didn't want any more because I've posted quite a bit in the past few days.

    And here is why I had to reformat...

    I was happily playing with the iMac and I was installing some apps from the net. I installed a LaTeX program and then I went to build an old .tex file. That was the last normal thing that I was able to do. It didn't even build it . From then on, the top toolbar (where it says Finder") was flashing on and off. I would try and open a program, and it would say "this app has to quit". I couldnt even restart normally since I couldnt access the apple icon. I called Apple and they told me to do a few things which didnt work, followed by an "archive" format (I think its called that. Dont quote me). Basically its like a "system restore" equivalent on a PC. It reinstalls the OS but keeps all your stuff/settings. That didnt work. I called back and a product specialist told me to completely erase my hard driveand then reinstall the OS from scratch. I did that ,and the computer worked flawlessly - just like it did out of the box. Ive been using it for a day now, and no issues have arisen. I am still hoping its something I did to the computer and that the machine isnt broken itself (hardware problem). Everyone (including apple people) seem to think its a buggy software problem so I almost have peacce of mind lol. It was working fine...and i was messing around with it...then it broke. Typical me! I dont even remember what I did - strange. The issue was not present (obviously) right out of the box, and was fixed with a format - so Im hoping eveyrthings fine now.

    ON another note, can I call APple and send back the keyboard/mouse and get the wireless upgrade? WOuld they do that? Thanks everyone!
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    Nice, very nice review. Please keep us updated! The 24" is just beautiful. :cool: And, quite contrary to a few complaints from others, mine [knocking upon some carbon-based previously-rooted-in-the-ground material] is quiet, and fast, and w/o any dead pixels or uneven lighting.
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    Damn right. I honestly wish they made a cologne, I'd wear it.
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    Heh yeah. I told some people that it smelled good and they thought I was crazy. All Apple products smell incredible - they obviously treat them with something.
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    If you're looking for a LaTeX editor for OS X I recommend TeXShop, I've never had any problems with it crashing my system. Give it a try if you've not already.
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    Hah, that's actually the last program I installed before eveyrthing went kaboom! I best not instlal it again. It seemed to work very well though. The installation was rather quicked compared to another latex system.
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    Yeah, TexShop is really unstable and I have found quite a lot of easily repeatable bugs in it.

    Did you just install it and try to to typeset or did you also install the required packages (sorry for asking I am just curious). Because if so, that might be the problem.

    I can see that it's still beta, so that might be why...
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    Uh, I actually took my CV.tex file and tried to build it in that program. I used a LOT of packages (fullpage, fancyhdr, etc). I hope that was hte problem! I'm just gonna TeX from windows...I dont use it too often (too lazy lol)
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    Do you know how much unused junk is part of a default install for OS X? There are about 1GB of epson drivers alone. Unless you have an Epsom printer, are you likely to need them?

    Thats the first thing I do when I (or a friend) get a mac, re-install everything before the user creates docs on the hard disk. You have to go through every option to deselect all the langages and drivers that aren't gonna be used. It really saves over a GB of Hard Disk.

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    Real men use vi and TeX from Terminal. Much less chance to muck things up if you don't run in the GUI. :p

    Welcome to the fold.


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