iMac and Mac pro Bluetooth Issues

Discussion in 'iMac' started by EnderBeta, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. EnderBeta macrumors 6502a


    Aug 5, 2016
    I don't know if the issue is with the new Magic Keyboards, mice and trackpads or with the devices themselves but the bluetooth on my iMac and now my Mac Pro have been absolute crap for several months now.

    The keyboard will cut out and sometime not even register the key up event and end up with something like aaaaaaaaaaaaaa or go on a delete spree until the powered off keyboard finally disconnects. The mice and trackpads simply connect and then disconnect several times through out the day.

    I haven't been able to isolate it because multiple computers with their own set of keyboards are doing it.

    Is there just a major bug in Apple's bluetooth implementation in Sierra or am I running into interference with too many wireless devices in my office? Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
  2. nambuccaheadsau macrumors 68000


    Oct 19, 2007
    Nambucca Heads Australia
    Well it depends somewhat on where you are believe it or not. Down Under where I am on the coast, it is a very humid place, often over 35º C, mid 90ºF, with humidity over 96-97%. I find my trackpad in particular, and keyboard on occasions, operate just terribly. Apple tell me it is the damp, sweaty fingers causing the problem.

    Apart from that, the only other BT trouble I have ever experienced with with dashed hands free Uniden 'phones.
  3. EnderBeta thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Aug 5, 2016
    I'll have to keep an eye on the moister level in my office the next time I notice a disconnect with the track pad or mouse. That is a possibility.

    What is odd if it helps, is that when I was in a hotel a few weeks back I didn't have any issues with the keyboard cutting in and out.
  4. BrianBaughn macrumors 603


    Feb 13, 2011
    Baltimore, Maryland
    It doesn't even have to be a wireless device to interfere with Bluetooth.
  5. Fravin macrumors regular


    Mar 8, 2017
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    I'm having a lot of BT drops here. Magic Keyboard 2 was terribly unstable. Had to replace it with Numeric Pad's one. But the Magic Track Pad 2 is still loosing connection times to times. It's driving me crazy.

    I've read a lot about it. It looks like something inside Sierra. Such thing wasn't happening in El Cap.

    I'm wondering this could be aided in the new Software Update.

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