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Discussion in 'iMac' started by iCFX, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    My friend from College is purchasing the 2011 iMac within next few days and I have one question in terms of Music Production.

    So here it goes. Is it worth buying an external soundcard for Music Production or is the onboard sound sufficient enough?

    (Il probably advise him on waiting for the 2012 iMacs which as many here say is due to out "soon").
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    Apr 5, 2012
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    The iMac speakers are convenient, but not the best. For serious sound / music work, connect to quality sound reproduction equipment.

    The iMac sound processing capabilities, on the other hand, are top notch. No need to supplement or replace in-built soundcard.

    Your friend may have analog patch panels or effects processors that he prefers to GarageBand's digital equivalents, so that would again drive him towards connecting to external speakers / sound equipment, with his gear in series.

    (I'm waiting, not so patiently, for the 2012 iMac refresh also)
  3. 24Frames macrumors regular

    Mar 23, 2012
    It depends on the latency of the inbuilt audio interface in the iMac and what you want to do. Using an external audio interface may result in much lower latency, this is very important for recording audio or playing soft synth.

    So, make sure there is money left in the budget after purchasing the iMac, in case you need to purchase an external interface. Test out the built in audio I/O, if it is good enough that's great, if not there are lots of excellent relatively inexpensive audio interfaces to choose from.

    Music Production could mean anything from DJing to recording a symphony orchestra!!!
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    Onboard audio is junk and basically good for head phone output and nothing else.
    I wouldn't even attempt to use the Line In for recording.

    For low cost, get an M-Audio USB interface & get some decent powered speakers at a minimum.
    Connect the speakers to the M-Audio.

    Depending how many features/channel he needs, they range from $99 and up.

    *You may need to make sure his SW is compatible with the interface as well.
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    Apr 26, 2012
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    Very helpful guys, thank you for your replies il share them with my friend. I believe he is more into creating dubstep, drum and bass kind of music at first and he is only starting it (doing some sort of Music Production course at College) so I doubt he will need top end equipment.

    Il get hold of him and tell him to wait for the 012 iMac and other bits and pieces. Only see him during College since I don't have a phone, facebook or xbox / ps3 :3

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