imac benchmarks have been updated


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Jul 7, 2001
Id be interested to see if they used a QS 733 or a DA 733. The difference is the L3 cache. The DA should actually be faster than the QS.



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Jan 22, 2002
well it certainly wasnt PS 7 in OS X

assuming he's looking for the fastes PS times on the mac, he's probably using 9.x in those tests

see, the mac's hang in there, but theyre not nearly as fast as some of the other people on this board claim. more importantly: whats the difference? 7 seconds. don' tell me you'll get pissed if you have to wait an extra 7 seconds for your comp to do something that you probably only do once every time you use PS. not to mention all the quake framerates are over 100 fps, so its not like youre going to miss much. the bryce test is very interesting. I wonder if its the grafix card or if the pentium really is that bad. either way, double the rendering time isn't great but then again it isn't horrible. you have to think exponential these days. ok so one comp does something twice as fast as the other. but they both do it amazingly fast compared to the older comps that you're used to. the differences are not nearly to general people's claims, which would seem to indicate 4x and 5x speed differences. if you're picky about shaving every last second off, great, good for you. if you care about getting things done and you have a little patience, the computers are so much more enjoyable. speed doesn't necessarily fuel creativity or success after all
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