Imac @ Best Buy !


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Nov 23, 2009
I just purchased my first IMac @ BEst Buy yesterday.
I got the 21.5 w Nvidea 9400M for 1099.99 + 16.00 + tax = 1216 total.

You can return it for full refund 14 days (there is a promotion going on that you can return until December 31st).

Which means...if I get a better deal (black friday apple) BB will match the price. But I think if you want to get an Imac BB is the place now.

1) 1099.99 + you get $ 20.00 reward back.

I did a lot of research before purchasing. It is a great machine. I hope I have a good experience ~:)


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Dec 29, 2006
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Are you sure about this? A lot of the Price Matching language is written to exclude Black Friday to prevent customers from buying products beforehand and avoiding the Black Friday rush and then taking advantage of the discounts.


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Nov 22, 2009
It's a pretty good deal, but it would be better if you had used's cashback program, as it's an extra 5% off when you buy it from BestBuy's website.

So $1099 + sales tax and 18 months financing if you use a Best Buy credit card and then get back $55 from Bing. Maybe they'll let you do a pseudo-return and let you just reorder it online (use Bing!) and keep the same machine.

That said, Best Buy's customer service sucks (had yet another horrible experience yesterday), and I'd rather buy it from right now for $1129 with no tax (couldn't have said that a year ago living in California; yay for grad school out of state) and 2 years of financing with an Amazon credit card.

I'm mulling over an iMac purchase myself right now (have a 3-year-old MBP that's still running fine and will eventually replace it when they do a complete redesign), but I'd like to have 2 computers to be on the safe side. Well, that would make it three if I count this current MBP. Maybe I have a problem.

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