iMac Bootcamp w/ Lion & Wireless Keyboard

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by iPhone Chicago, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Apologize in advance if these questions have already been answered in this forum, but I haven't seen them addressing each one together...

    Just bought a new iMac...installed tonight i'm going to install Windows 7 (for work stuff) via Bootcamp...couple of questions...

    1. Bootcamp instructions say you need an OS X cd...Lion obviously didn't come on a CD...can Snow Leopard cd be used instead?

    2. iMac uses the wireless I need to use (and borrow) a USB keyboard during installation and then install the drivers so it recognizes the bluetooth keyboard, or will it work from the very beginning?
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    Sep 18, 2007
    just to post a follow-up of what happened when installing Windows 7 via OS X Lion I expected, prior to the part of the Windows 7 installation when the Apple Bootcamp support drivers are installed, Windows 7 did NOT recognize the bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. Luckily I had borrowed a USB keyboard and mouse from work just to have in case this happened. Plugging the USB devices in worked, and I was able to continue installation thru the part of installing the Apple Bootcamp support drivers, at which point the bluetooth keyboard and trackpad came alive in Windows 7 and the USB devices were unplugged and put away! Now everything is working great...except for...

    One other issue with the bluetooth devices and bootcamp is that holding the 'Option' key during restart to choose your boot partition does not work because at that stage of startup, bluetooth is not turned on yet, therefore you pressing 'Option' on the keyboard does nothing as the keyboard is off. Obviously going into the Settings->Startup Drive and changing each time is an option, albeit an annoying one, so the better option is just installing software such as BootChamp or BootPicker and this replaces the need to use the 'Option' key during restart procedure.
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    Sorry, but you're wrong :):

    1. Boot Camp drivers are available for download in Boot Camp Assistant.

    2. Windows 7 recognizes the Bluetooth Keyboard and the Trackpad in my 21'5-inch iMac. After install Boot Camp drivers, Windows 7 installs the drivers for the keyboard and the trackpad.

    3. You can hold Option key during the boot, but you must hold Option key after the boot sound.
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    hey mende...i probably just wasn't clear in my write-up...for #1 and #2 I totally agree, but I was just saying that UP UNTIL you install the boot camp drivers that windows didn't see my bluetooth keyboard and trackpad...but as soon as I installed the support drivers then they were recognized just fine. For #3 I will try that out...thanks for the beep tip!

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