Imac cannot transfer my photos from iphone

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    Heres the situation:

    I was consolodating my photos in iphoto on my Imac G5, I had just done a sync and it copied all my photos on my iphone. I somehow messed up my iphoto library and lost my photos, however the photos are on my iphone, but when I connect to itunes, it doesnt recognize the photos being on the iphone. If I take a photo, it will only recognize the one photo and not any of the other photos I have (about 5000). I tried launching image capture but even that program only saw the 1 photo. Is there a way to pull the photos off the iphone like making it a target drive, or is there a recommended file transfer I can use to manually pull the photos off the iphone? I have the 1gen phone with 2.01 installed 8gig. Thanks for your help.
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    Same Problem

    I am having a similar problem. My macbook crashed and I have got a new iMac but can't transfer photos from my iphone library to iMac. Can someone suggest a good software programme to transfer these?

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    You can use phoneview, although it costs money. Another alternative is to use sharepod (google it), which is free, if you can find a Windows PC. There are some other alternatives, but they escape me at the moment.

    Or you could see the thread
    several threads below yours.
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    Whatever tool you use to get the synchronized photos of the iPhone, they will always be reduced in size compared to the originals.
    iTunes downsizes photos to a 480x320 resolution (the resolution of the iPhone screen) when syncing photos to an iPhone.
    iPhoto or Image Capture only import photos stored in the Camera Roll.

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