Imac Cox Cable Internet Help ????????????????????

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by paulie8362, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. paulie8362 macrumors newbie

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    Hey Everyone,

    I have a cox cable internet connected to my Imac G5. The problem started a couple of days ago. Safari was not connecting to the internet very fast at all. About five minutes per page. I called the Cox "dude" and he said that I was loosing bundles to my Imac. Is this a Hardware or software problem. Also if I decide to erase the Imac and reinstall Tiger is there any way that the Quicktime Pro Key will still work????


    P.S. Another problem that I forgot to mention is that my brothers future wife, brought over her Ibook and it worked perfectly? That troubles me.... Especially since I took the Imac to the apple store and it worked there, but not at our house.... Anythoughts. Thanks you guys for your advice.
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    what version of iMac are you running ?

    did cox undate there backend recently?

    give me a list of your network configure, what device? is it using PPPoE etc, do not give me you ip address or username password for secutity. Let me see if it is software, then I can help focus on the hardware.
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    First, I would try to reboot your cable modem, and your router (Assuming you have one). Leave them off for about a minute and then start turning each back on, one at a time, starting first with the router.

    Secondly, I would ignore that guy, and call back saying you have a PC, assuming the above doesn't work. There is no reason that having a Mac would slow down your Internet that much. Comcast gave me that crap for a while, until I realized it's their standard answer. The guy really doesn't have a clue. Call back and just see what they say. I'm sure if there really is a problem, you can apply their advice to your Mac.
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    Cox customer here...

    They might just be doing upgrades adn work. I remember when they installed the high speed stuff in my area it was really "buggy" and slow. I would loose connnections all the time and my internet would be out for days sometimes. If you log into your webmail there is a section at the top where you can check system status. It will actually tell you if they are doing any work or if there are any problems. It is actually normally really detailed too.

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