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Discussion in 'iMac' started by puke, Jul 29, 2014.

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    I know theres tons of threads where people keep asking about this kind of stuff... But anyways...

    I'm having a small issue when it comes to purchasing a new Mac. Like my signature says, I'm rolling a Macbook Air 13" with maxed out processor i7, 8GB of RAM, aswell as 256GB SSD. :cool:

    I'm looking to increase my workspace (bigger screen). Feels useless to just get a Thunderbolt Display/34" LG Thunderbolt-display since I won't be upgrading my rig any.

    Therefore i'm thinking about selling the baby Air and getting a pretty much maxed out iMac (27"). What do you think, is it worth getting the current one or shall I wait? I'm not in THAT much of a hurry, but ofcourse, It would be nice to get a new one already. :confused: Will Quad-Core suffice for the close future or is 6-8-12-core the way to go already?

    I think i've actually moved my Air a total of 5 times during my ownership (2 years). I'm playing a bit of WoW and doing some light photoshop-work aswell as surfing the web, youtube and some light video-editing. :)

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    I just got a maxed out 27' iMac, it was important for me to get the i7 as I do video editing from time to time which can be CPU intensive, so I wanted the power. If portability is not that important to you then sure an iMac is a great choice, budget is the next consideration and that will determine what configuration you choose. For me, I wanted the system to be as fast as it could without sacrificing internal disk space too much, so I got a 1TB fusion drive, 16GB of RAM, a 2GB Nvidia video card which apple bumped up to the top of the line 4GB model for free (I ordered from the refurb section) and I couldn't be happier, the system is very fast and does everything I need.
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    If you can wait... wait. Apple may (or may not) release new machines this fall. Haswell-E was just announced and the CPU's max out at 8 physical cores at the top end (16 threads). These are workstation/Mac Pro processors. Mainstream, like the iMac, will probably remain at 4 physical cores for at least another year. I can't really see the need for more than 4 physical cores for the next few years in mainstream unless you do funky stuff like CGI rendering or HD/4K video effects.

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