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Jun 26, 2003

I'm looking to buy an iMac G5, 20 inch and I have a decision to make..maybe you guys can help me...

I can either pay $2100 for the latest, 2.0 Ghz one OR, $1800 for the last revision which was the 1.8Ghz one.

Which one should I get?

I'd mostly be...playing some games, a bit of photoshop (not heavy), word processing, music, internet, downloads, mail. And I'm hoping the iMac will last me for a solid 4 years.

So, which one should i get? Note that the newer one does have a faster video card....and I will be waiting TV on the iMac with the eyeTV Wonder.
I'm leaning towards the newer one. It's only $300 more, I might as well get the best? Right??


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