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    I'm trying to decide on a solution and thought this would be the place.
    Currently my wife owns a macbook (7,1 2010), 2008 air, and a 3GS. I have a 2011 air, a 4s, and Apple TV. I'm a pharmacy grad school student and we have a baby so even in our spacious apartment I'm not sure where or if I should have a dedicated desk space.

    1. Desk or no desk
    2. Ssd and 8gb ram in her macbook or 16
    3. Dock or dedicated desktop
    4. Cheap monitor, TBD, or imac

    Currently I am fine with my computing enviroment but it would be nice to have a desk space to open books while being on the computer etc.
    I would probably purchase a small micke desk or something similiar.

    I have a few different routes to choose from ATM.
    I could get a henge dock and cheap monitor like the aoc 27" for 299 at best buy.
    I don't do serious video editing or photo editing so 1080 seems like it should be sufficient but if this display is a downgrade from the current screens on her macbook or my air I'd rather save money for a better purchase. This is the cheapest option but I've never used a dock and after the keyboard and track pad dock and display I could have bought a mini and hooked it up to my tv.

    Another possible solution is to buy a 32" 1080 tv and set it on a desk in the bedroom using either a dock or a mini. This saves space and would probably be around the cost of the above.

    Third option is saving for the imac. Even though I don't need that much computing power it would serve me a number of years strong but is the most expensive solution.

    The main reason I want a desktop type setup is to have a bigger screen for word processing, homework and to have an actual dedicated work space to get stuff done.

    Upgrading the macbook is just a nice thing I wanted to do for the wife so she no longer gets beachballs. I was looking at 128 3G, 6g or 240 gb ssd from owc plus either the 8 or 16 gb ram kit. She primarily uses safari but she's also running mountain lion and occasionally photoshop. Generally by themselves or with safari or iTunes in the background.
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    Yes, get the desk for a dedicated study space. You can find them cheap on Craigslist along with a nice Dell monitor. The U2410 and the 2408WFP are decent. Ram is also cheap, especially the 8GB, which should suffice for just about anything she would do.

    You might even trim the redundancy in your hardware lineup to finance some of this but I wouldn't swing for the fence on any of these purchases while you're in school.

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