iMac does not allow me to use my cam anymore with Skype

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Hi guys and gals,

    I have a problem with my iMac and Skype, I hope someone can help me resolve it.

    Here is the deal, I have used Skype for years, with no problems, specially its video conference. I last used the service 2 months ago, then I was without internet service till 2 weeks ago. Now, I can call thru Skype but it does not open my cam. Oddly so, whomever I am calling cannot use their camera with ME only, meaning, they can see their contacts, except ME. If they call me with video, they see their video window funcioning, till I answer the call, when the two Skypes connect, their camera shuts off.

    Mine never connects at all.

    I have taken some pictures, hopefully this will give you a picture of my settings. I have never changed my Skype settings, and as you can see, I have them programmed to always start with the video, to all of those who call me, regardless.

    Please review my settings, if you need more settings information, such as security or such, please tell me where to go nad I will snap the image of current settings.

    Can anyone help?

    It seems important to me (don't know if it is) that my contacts see their camera untill i pick up the call, then it disappears


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