imac does not start up

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    i have an imac 24 inch c2d 3 GHz with snow leopard. when i switch it on i get first a white screen with the apple logo in the middle and the small circle turning around, than i get a blue screen and a few seconds later another blue screen with a slightly ligher blue. After that nothing happens anymore. what to do to get the imac runninv again? ?????????
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    Hi -- I also have a 24" c2d iMac, but the Early 2008 2.8 GHz model, and was until very recently running 10.6 also.

    I somewhat remember the two shades of blue screens. My impression was that they showed up late in the boot-up process. In any case, my first action would be to find the original Apple OS X DVD that you got with your machine (probably it's 10.5 Leopard). Try to boot with that -- does it work?

    If so, there should be a way to run the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) program from that boot DVD.

    A re-install of OS X or a restore from your backups could fix the problem, or there might be a hardware problem with the HDD, for example.

    Hope something turns up. I've been really happy with my trusty old iMac!
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    No start?

    before you do anything radical
    1) shut it down.
    2) unplug the power cord
    3) unplug all usb cables.
    4) go have a cup of coffee
    5) come back, plug back everything you unpluged
    6) hit the start button and wait....just may start up
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    try powering on the machine and holding the shift key, it will show a progress bar and take a few moments. try that. could need an OS re-install.
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    Try to boot in safe mod (shift key), or try to boot in Recovery mod and check your HDD for errors.
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    This may help, if you haven't seen them already:

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