iMac DV 400 Problem

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by pacmania1982, Dec 4, 2010.

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    My Dad asked me to 'look at a computer' he brought over and left it in the spare bedroom. I didn't look at it until after he'd gone and it's an Indigo iMac DV 400. He asked me to 'do what I could with it' and normally it would have been a 'use it as a door stop' or something, but I decided to have a look at it.

    I found a spare 40GB hard drive and went on eBay and found a 256MB PC100 for £2.99 with free shipping to bring the memory total to 512MB, and an Airport wireless card for under a tenner.

    I've installed the hard drive but it currently doesn't have an OS on it. The previous hard disk had a fresh install of 10.1. I'd have a copy of Panther laying around that I'd like to install, but I can't get it to boot from any of the CDs. I've been reading the requirements for installing the Firmware and it states requiring Mac OS 9. A friend then gave me a copy of 9.0.4, which also won't boot from. I tried to make an image of the CD and making it a CD Master, then burning that. It also didn't boot.

    I then started to read about how to make a bootable OS 9 CD in OS X and found out that its either not possible or extremely difficult or unreliable. So brain wave, using the installer CD from my friend, I created a Sheepshaver virtual machine, and installed OS 9 on there. I found a copy of Toast 5 Lite floating around on the interwebs and went through the process of making a boot CD there. As I couldn't figure out how to make it Sheepshaver see my MBP's superdrive, I opted for making a toast image and selected the 'bootable' tick box. I then copied this out of the Sheepshaver image to my MBP and tried burning it. Again it didn't boot.

    Could someone PLEASE suggest something I could try?!


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    Pull the HD and either stick it in a caddy or inside an older Mac, install the OS of your choice, put the HD back in the iMac and try booting again, or try an Ubuntu PPC live CD.

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