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Discussion in 'iMac' started by qbert2, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Is there anyone that uses fan app that fixes old imac that seem to overheat easily. my imac seems to like to freeze every day within 30 minutes to 1 hr due to internet usage such as youtube. I used this old imac for mainly adobe suite and other video software, but it tends to crash easily. So is there anyone that can recommend me a good fan app. according to istat pro app the GPU Diode tends overheat around 66% to 70%. What I want to do stable the cooling of the machine.

    I have a late 2006 imac 2.16 ghz intel core 2 duo. 1 gb memory. colored white plastic. I know it tends to overheat mostly during the summer time.
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    Yeah I will install SMC fan control. and yes I do mean 66° to 70°
    I only have Google chrome on. This computer now is mainly used for internet and some some scanning. I did put a lot of use in past in adobe and final cut, even if I try to use that software now, would likely freeze/stall fast. In the past I had to take my mac to the apple store to get examined and they found out I had a faulty memory nothing more. my mac is acting almost the same in the that past now. I get the funky yellow (size of quarter) or purple ghost or thin tiny pixel rainbow line on desktop monitor. I also done the pram command that doesn't help much more. my apple care expired a year or 2 ago.
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    lol I have posted this in some other post but it proves my point in people geting worried over heat emited by any electronic device.

    When electricity disipates as when used by a microprocessor, the dissipated energy turns into heat. Intel has shrunk their processors so that they use less and less electricity to run thus cutting down engergy consumption which reducess heat.

    Intel CPUs have a t-junction (faile safe shut down temp) from 100c to 120c

    nvidia and amd gpus also have a t-junction capabilitiy of around 100c to 120c

    77c is way under the limit. I just have made observations that people get paranoid of heat emiting from computers where the cpu or gpu tems are ranging from 75c to 80c. it takes a lot of energy for intel cpu's and gpus from nvidia or amd to reach t-junction plus the combination of blocked air flow or damaged cooling fans. It can be unsettling to feel a really warm mac expecially since it costs so much. Even I have this feeling even though I can rationalize it.

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