iMac fans are running at their MAX speed.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by iMacBoy, Jan 8, 2012.

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    So, a while back my hard drive failed on my iMac, so i replaced it with a 1TB hard drive. It all works fine, but after i screwed it all back together and put the screen back on, the fans after about 15 mins of use on the iMac (using nothing but the internet) the fans MAX out and are as loud as it gets.. when i say loud, i mean it.

    (This is the first time i have ever 'changed' anything on a Mac)

    Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it? Here's what i thought, but i though i would ask the pro's before i attempted anything.

    1. Open the iMac again and make sure the temperature cable is connected to the hard drive correctly.
    2. Get 3rd party software that will control the speed of the fans. (This way worries me simply because i have read online that people can't install it and it messes up the speeds of their fans etc)
    3. Well.. there is no number 3, does anyone have any ideas?

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    That link took me to apples 404 page?:confused:

    Ill try the link in your sig but i would like the try other ways before turning to software to sort it out.

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    If everything is connected properly and the fans are still blowing at max then the temp sensor may just not be working correctly.

    You can use this app as a short or long term fix. I've used it on both of my iMacs after replacing the HDD's with SSD's.
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