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Jul 29, 2005
A short update on my first week with my new iMac.

It arrived two days after Apple sent me the email about the dispatch. They told me the expected delivery time was 2-3 days, so no delay at all. I unpacked everything, placed the iMac on my desk, enjoyed the sight for a few minutes, then I switched it on . Simply wonderful. As far as looks are concerned, I think this one is the quintessential Mac.

I had to install the drivers for my speedtouch modem. This was a bit confusing, because the drivers I got from Speedtouch's website didn't work. I got the correct drivers from the Tiscali website. It took me sometime to set up the internet connection but this was due to lack of experience - the transition from windows to OS X takes a while (but after a week, I don't even miss the right click).

Some of you may remember my concerns about the heat problems etc. I have downloaded the CPU heat widget, and I should mention here that it usually reports temperatures between 60-70C, when I am actually doing something with more than one programmes. As I'm typing this, with only Safari running, it shows 51C. The temperature goes up to around 80C when I play chess, but I guess this is normal - mine goes up too... The case never gets too hot though.

When the temperature goes up, I can hear the fans working, but most of the time the level of noise is minimal, compared to the various PCs I've worked on. When I'm working late at night, it's a little bit scary to hear the whisper of the fans getting slightly louder -oooooooooo

hehe.. What is louder than the fans sometimes, is the hard drive. That is, when it makes any noise. But it is still less noisy than the one on my PC.

I installed NeoOffice and a LaTex system (with i-installer) in virtually no time. TeXShop works fine, and I also installed JabRef which I've been using for quite a while now. The iCal is superb.

I moved all my music file to the Mac. I must admit that ITunes is still a bit confusing at times, especially when importing stuff. But it works. By the way, the sound is great. I don't think any external speakers are necessary (but then I don't like listening to very loud music).

The first game I played was Rise of Nations, which works fine too. To complete the list of my must have games, I'm also going to get championship manager. It used to stretch my PC a I'm curious to see how it works on the Mac.

After a week, I still can't get over the security concerns. I've installed ClamXav and turned on the firewall. This looks to me minimal, compared to the Kaspersky-ZoneLabs-AdAware system I have on my PC. I suppose it will take me a while to get used to the relative immunity of the Mac. Or is this something I should NOT do? :confused:

What makes me really happy, is my pace of getting used to working with the Mac, working with files, moving stuff etc.

Thanks once again for all your advice. Most of you recommended the iMac, and you were right, I'm very happy I got it.


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Jul 8, 2005
I have had my iMac for about 2 weeks. I have noticed that this thing eats memory. I would love to stick a 1GB stick in just to have plenty of memory. I love the display (17 inch). It cant be a little noisy at times (nothing too bad) but iTunes fixes that problem. ;) However, I am not that big of a fan of the speakers. Later on, I will upgrade them but that is not important now. I am also waiting for my EyeTV to get a TV with DVR on this beast.
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