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Jul 10, 2001
Charlotte, NC
24" Intel iMac. Rescued from a house fire. No direct flame contact, but smells of soot but looks new after a good clean. Hard drive has the click of death, so I've just now replaced it with a new 1TB disk. It booted on the first try. I then initiated a 10.7 install via USB flash drive. Install ran fine for first 30 minutes, then the system froze. Now the iMac will chime when booted but only to a blank black screen. There's also only 2 of 4 LEDs(to the right of the clock battery) lighting up, which shows that the second stage of the boot process that spins up the hard drive and flips on the screen is not initializing. Any ideas?


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Jun 15, 2012
Any ideas?
Did you have insurance?

Seriously, smoke and heat damage are likely to have caused all sorts of problems to this Mac, and I would not expect it to work. The circuit board components will have been subjected to temperatures way above their tolerances; there will be microscopic dust in everywhere.

Short of replacing all the working parts, this is a dead Mac.


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Mar 1, 2013
I have read your post. you have described that your iMac did not have direct contact with flames.Best solution is insurance for accidental damage from fire .you can replace the hard drive and other side can try hard drive with windows 7 or other operating system .
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