Imac G3 speaker rot.


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Mar 15, 2011
Greetings Mac Rumors!

Its been a while since ive posted anything. So here it goes :)

My favourite PowerPC mac, is the one ive photo shopped into my photo here on MR. Its a beautiful Imac G3 in Tangerine, 400mhz, DVD-rom, 1Gb ram, 80GB hard drive and original Airport card. It currently dual boots os 9.2 and 10.4.11 Tiger.

Since the current world is far too demanding for such a tiny machine i mainly used it to warm up my room, playing movies and even using "Line-in" with my current machines as those speakers sound amazing.

Anyways, last week i was playing some music nothing basey at all not even loud and all of a suddent it got real quiet. Upon inspection it seems both speakers popped right out of their plastic. Dry rotting?

I wanted to ask does anyone have a easy fix, or can suggest a nice set of speakers to replace them. I love this little machine and its the only system that i have a matching keyboard and mouse to. Thanks for the help.