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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by littleg1, Aug 20, 2009.

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    I need some help. I just got this iMac G3 the other day and I'm going to give it to my mom but first I would like to update it as much as possible. Its got OS X 10.3.9 450 MHz and 128 MB Ram and a 20 gig HD. Can I put airport on this and also what is the maximum amount of ram that can be put in? I would like to do a fresh install of the OS because its got a password on it that no one seems to know what it is no can I do updates. I was wondering where I could find an OS disc to do a fresh instal or what OS can this baby handle so I can get the most up to date OS? Thanks for any info... :D
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    It might be this iMac -- the DV+

    It seems to be the only one that had a 450MHz G3. Otherwise you can use that site to find the right model. You can get up to a gig of RAM, although you may have to shop around forums to find a used seller of the right RAM (It may be really expensive b/c it's so old, if you buy it from a RAM dealer).

    It does look like it can hold an Airport card, but it has to be the old 802.11b airport card and not the 802.11g one.

    You can probably get Tiger (10.4) running on it, but definitely don't go anywhere near Tiger till after you upgrade the RAM and possibly the HD (again, you'd need to shop for an PATA drive... this model might have some restrictions on whether it can handle very large >120GB PATA drives).

    I'm going to move this to Apple Collectors where people might be of more help. To be honest, it's probably only worth restoring as a collectible... you're going to end up wasting a lot of money if you don't have a love affair with the G3...

    P.S. For the love of God, please use complete sentences and punctuation.
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    I dumped a lot of money into my 600mhz G3... maxed RAM, new laptop hard drive, airport... it's really fun to use in OS9, but definitely not useful as a modern machine. Tiger is really slow on it, I'd imagine it would be awful on a 450mhz for any modern websites or programs.

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